Professional Institute 1

Teaching Children's Yoga

with Bryony Ollier

Connect with your students through the practice of yoga.

PI 1 equips you with the basic principles and tools needed to effectively teach children in an academic environment. You will learn yoga techniques to promote children’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Emphasis is placed on learning how to read and relate to children through understanding child development, anatomy, physiology, and learning domains. From this transformational training, you will emerge with the ability to effectively tailor yoga classes to meet children’s varying needs.

Focus: Ages 3 to 12 / Grades Pre-K to 5th


Bryony Ollier

Bryony Ollier is a mother, performer, creator, teacher, an advocate for arts, health and education. Yoga is her anchor. Yoga Ed is her means to empower young people with health and life skills. Bryony is a committed, creative and compassionate educator. She draws upon all her talents, using dance, songs, music and creative play. Originally from the UK she resides and has spent the last ten years in Japan. She teaches predominantly in early education and kindergartens using English.

YOGA Ed. Professional Institute 1

2016 02.11 THU- 14 SUN 

*A ¥5000 deposit secures your registration. Payment plans are available, please inquire.

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This YOGA Ed. program is the first part of a four-part program. Upon completing part 1 and 2, you are eligible to apply for the certified Yoga Alliance Kid's Yoga RCYT.

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