Garland of the Sun: 108 Sun Salutations Event

January 11th, 2016 will be the first 108 Sun Salutations event at studio BiNDU

This event will be quite unique in many ways.

We will practice the original sūryanamaskāra(sun salutation). The repetition of this sequence generates increased vitality in the body, clarity and steadiness in the mind and tranquility and quiet joy in the heart.
  • You will learn the original mantras to be used while doing the sun salutation itself. Each mantra invokes a certain quality of the sun. The repetition of these mantras further enhances the power of the sun salutations.

  • We will do 9 sets of 12 poses each. In between each set we will do 2 seated poses that accentuate hip-opening, twisting and forward bending, and engage in japa, the easeful repetition of mantra. This pause will allow you to more deeply assimilate the effects of the sun salutations.

  • At the end of the entire sequence you will be very well-prepared for deep meditation practice. After deep meditation practice you will enjoy a long shavasana in which you will steep in a deeply restful state where the effects of the entire practice will be fully assimilated in your body, mind, heart and breath.

This is a long practice, but very doable by all levels of practitioner.

Come experience the 108 sun salutation practice in a way that will not only enhance your physical vitality, but will enable you to begin your year with a clear and steady mind and heart to set and hold to your intentions for 2016!

Date: January 11, Monday

Time: 8:30-13:00

Cost: Members ¥3,500 / Non-Members ¥4,500

For any questions or to register please contact us at

 76-11 Tenno-cho Okazaki, Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-8335


tel. (+81) 080.5373.8136


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