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Meditation for Life: Daily Bath for the Mind

Have you ever began a meditation practice, then stopped because it did not seem effective or practical for your daily life? Do you think that meditation practice is something that will take too much time or effort to do each day? Have you wished to have a daily meditation practice but have not been able to find a system of meditation that fits your life schedule or makes sense?

Daily meditation is as essential to the health of your mind as physical exercise is for the body. Just as we take a bath or shower each day to awaken the body and/or remove the grime of the day, daily meditation will both awaken the mind and cleanse it of the dirt and dust that gathers through our five senses each day. This course will help you create and maintain a daily practice of meditation that supports your daily life intentions and aspirations, while nourishing and healing your mind and heart.  


What is Meditation?

The answer to this question can take as many forms as there are meditation methods. It can be a bit overwhelming to find an effective meditation practice that supports your daily life intentions and aspirations, while nourishing and healing your body mind consciousness.

In these five session we will answer the above question, as well as:

  • What is the purpose of meditation?

  • How do I begin and maintain an effective meditation practice?

  • Why is one method of meditation very effective but another method not?

  • How does the use of mantras relate to meditation practice?

  • How does the meditation practice work?

To help us understand the answers to these questions we will use a comparison of the Classical Yoga methods of meditation with the later meditation tradition of Tantra Yoga. You will come to see how Tantra Yoga arose out of Classical Yoga, why this happened and what that meant and still means for us as practitioners in this modern age.

In addition you will learn a method of Tantric meditation that we will practice together each session, along with mantras that will enhance and support this practice.


MARCH  25th
MAY 20th
JUNE 24th

Fridays  19:30-21:30


¥5,000 / session

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