Our studio promotes awareness practice via the methods of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and other complementary practices that strengthen the connection between mind and body.  Awareness practice is the foundation for all practices of Yoga and Life.

Below is a guide to help you create a system of self-practice that will fit your level of Yoga experience.

B - basic
F - foundation
R - refinement 

* (J) Taught in Japanese


B   Welcome to Yoga 20:30-21:30
F   Vinyasa Yoga + Meditation  13:30-15:00
R    Yoga Lab 18:45-20:15


B   Active Restorative Yoga 13:30-14:45
F   Hatha Yoga + Meditation 11:00-12:30
R   Crossed Mats + Meditation 19:00-20:30


B   Active Restorative Yoga 13:30-14:45
  Restorative Vinyasa Yoga 19:00-20:15
     Welcome to Yoga 20:30-21:30
F   Hatha Yoga + Meditation 11:00-12:30


B   Refresh & Relax Yoga 14:30-15:45


B   Rise & Shine Yoga 08:00-09:30
     Welcome to Yoga 09:30-10:45


B   Rise & Shine Yoga 08:00-09:15
F   Hatha Yoga + Meditation 10:30-12:00

Classes that are great for new to Yoga or beginner level students. In these classes the student will be introduced to ways to become more aware of their own body, breath and movements.

Classes that give the student a well-rounded experience of the Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga practices. Awareness practice is emphasized and deepened through a variety of methods, including pranayama and meditation. These classes are great for all levels of students to create a solid knowledge base from which they can take their practice in any direction they desire. These classes are also great places for teachers to refresh their understanding of foundational teaching principles usable in any type of class.

Classes that offer methods of practice and study that go beyond the Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga classes. Sequences are more complex and challenging. Good for advanced beginners through teachers.

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