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The studio is located about a 5 minute walk from Heian Jingu, in the Okazaki area. This area is where the International exchange school (Kokusai Koryuu Kaikan) is also located. There are several ways of getting to the studio.

1. Subway: Most recommended***. Take the Tozai Line from Kurasuma-Oike station to Higashiyama Station. Exit the station on to Sanjo-Dori, and walk east to the light that is Jingu-Dori. Turn left (north). You will see the huge Heian Jingu in the distance. Walk all the way to it. Turn right (east) on to Reisen-Dori. Walk to the light. The cross street is Okazakimichi-Dori. Cross this street to the opposite side where the road narrows and keep going east past Rokujian café on your left to the next corner. Turn left (north) and walk about a block. We are on the right side with a good-sized garden in front of the building. A sign with the studio name is at the entrance to the path leading to the front door. You will most likely see a bike or two parked in front. From Higashiyama station about a 15-20 minute walk.

2. City Bus 5, 32, or 100: Take to to the Zoo “Dobutsuen Mae” stop. Then walk north on Okazakimich-Dori about 3 min. to the light where Reisen Dori meets it. Turn right to go east past Rokujian and the rest as in the Subway directions above.

3. City Bus 93 or 204: Take to the "Okazaki-michi" stop on Marutamachi-Dori. You will be on the north side of the street. Walk east (the direction the bus is going) to the light. Cross Marutamachi-Dori, and keep walking south about 2 min. We will be on the left, about 10-15 steps past the Nama Chocolat café.

 *** The best way to get to us is taking subway and walk to the studio. Buses would take much longer than anticipated almost all year around since most of them go through and stop at popular sightseeing sites. Sometimes it is too packed with tourists that you'd have to wait for next one.

Another way to reach us is by bicycle!!! In fact most of locals use bicycle to get anywhere in the city. Fastest and no traffic at all.  

 76-11 Tenno-cho Okazaki, Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-8335


tel. (+81) 080.5373.8136


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